[Movie] Pan of Flesh (2021) Part 4

Money is like power, neither good nor bad. Its negative or positive spin depends upon how we use it. Parents are always happy when their children is progressing and also wealthy. But in the family of Chief Offor (Joseph Daniels), his two son’s wealth is about to become a nightmare in their lives. Watch as the event unfolds in this educative and well-organized family drama.


STARRING: Onny Michael, Tracy Edwin, TC Okafor, Angel Parazo, Isaac Fred, Ebere Okaro, Joseph Daniels, Mike Oscar Isamede.


PRODUCED BY: Dim Uchenna J.


DIRECTED BY: Emeka Ekwedike (DGN)


COMPANY: Geeze & Jays Production.


YEAR: 2021




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[Movie] Pan of Flesh (2021)

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